MSA Forward 2018 Learning Sessions

We are pleased to be able to share the majority of session content from MSA FORWARD 2018 for the benefit of those who were able to attend, as well as for those who were not able to join us at the 63rd Annual Retail Conference & Expo in Washington, DC. Please note that some of the sessions, namely the MSA Boot Camp and the Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center’s Memorable Customer Service, contain proprietary information, and therefore are not available for sharing. Additionally, a few of the sessions did not have available presentation slides and/or audio/video recordings.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Think Like a Customer, Not Like a Curator

Rich Pedott, Opening Keynote Speaker

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Retail Social Media Strategies

Crystal Vilkaitis, presenter

Creating a Strategic Plan for Your Museum Store

Colleen Higginbotham, presenter

Visitor and Customer Service Standards – Go for 100%

Kate Schureman, presenter

Wholesale Programs Great and Small: Additional Revenue

Kate Botelho, moderator; Kate Botelho, Tina Harding, Chris Michel, Laura Murphy, Ione Saroyan, presenters

The World is Your Marketplace: Buying Globally Through Partnerships with Trade Development Agencies

Enterprise Ireland and Geoffrey Carol, Michael Nason, Catie Rionoan, Julie Steiner, Laura Murphy, presenters

Making a Pretty Penny: Displays, Merchandising, and Visuals to Pop Your Sales

Blue Anderson and David Graveen, presenters

Beyond the Name Drop: Product Development that Doesn’t Break the Bank

Jay Thomson and Ibai Demirdache, presenters

Permission Granted: Rights and Reproductions

Stuart Hata and Stacey Stachow, presenters

Home Made: A Recipe for Profit

Raymond Mckenzie, presenter

Membership Meeting and Luncheon

Sunday, April 30, 2018

The Buyer Vendor Forum

Blue Anderson, Kristen Daniels, Kelly Jones, Ari Lowenstein, Paul Stewart-Stand, presenters

Public Relations Strategies for Museum Retailing

Marisa Jones Issa and Erik Perez/Hello PR, presenters

Millennial Shoppers: Understanding the Changing Face of Retail

Aubrey Herr, presenter

Advanced Financial Assessment: Using the MSA Retail Industry Report to Advocate for your Store

Blue Anderson, Andrew Andoniadis, Cathey Nagle-Ervin, Julie Stgeiner, presenters

Monday, May 1, 2018

Panel Discussion: Let’s Talk Museum Store Sunday

Susan Tudor, moderator; Angela Colasanti, Stuart Hata, Marisa Jones Issa, Erik Perez, Paul Steward Stand, panelists

Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Angela Colasanti, Viela LTD, presenter/Calvert Marine Museum Case Study, Maureen Bachman

Print is Not Dead! How to Put Together a Successful Print Catalog for Your Museum Store

Maria Kwong, presenter

Working with Online Influencers

Luke Vaillancourt, presenter

Store Metrics & KPI’s: Telling Your Story Through the Numbers

Tracey Cude and Andrew Andoniadis, presenters

Closing Keynote

Anne Loehr, Keynote Speaker