MSA Announces Bold New Management Direction & Expanded Operational Infrastructure

Dear MSA Members and Friends,

The MSA Board of Directors is excited to share with you news of the Museum Store Association’s new management structure and expanded operational infrastructure. The plan and initiatives are the result of the Board’s in-depth strategic planning retreat, a year’s worth of careful planning, long conversation and frank analysis. The goals are simple:

  • To restore diminished or lost MSA services and improve them to a higher level than ever before
  • To deliver new services or products that effectively and efficiently help members toward their professional goals
  • To position the MSA operationally, strategically and financially for a long and prosperous future of serving the membership and the museum store community as a whole

After an extensive RFP process throughout the past twelve months, the MSA Board of Directors voted unanimously to select Philadelphia-based Fernley & Fernley, a charter-accredited association management and professional services company, specializing in the management of mid-sized professional societies, trade associations and nonprofit organizations that are similar to MSA in size and scope, to manage our daily operations. Fernley & Fernley is exceptionally well-positioned to support and advance MSA into the future. Some ways MSA will benefit include:

  • Board, Committee and Task Force Support – Staff dedicated to each and every MSA board, committee and task force to not only help them get the results they want, but also to pick up the bulk of the operational work. Volunteer leadership will be freed up to do what they do best—strategize and plan for MSA’s future.
  • Financial Management – Extensive financial services, ranging from customized, on-demand account reporting to investment planning and strategy. With these much improved resources, MSA will enter a new era of financial stability, efficiency and transparency.
  • Membership Support Services – Many of MSA’s membership processes will be easier and more efficient with Fernley’s help. Dues renewal, event registration, webinars and other key points of member interaction will be managed by a larger staff with access to more time and greater technical resources.
  • Publication Support Services – Regular membership directories, Expo and convention guides, event signage and other print collateral will be overseen by an experienced staff deeply familiar with such products.
  • Web Services and Development – From website redesign to back-end database and list management, MSA will receive the very best in technical support from onsite I.T staff.
  • Conference/Trade Show Management – The annual MSA Retail Conference and Expo will be revitalized and improved to maximize value and opportunities for attendees. Fernley has the events management personnel and collective bargaining strength to secure the best venues, best prices and best experiences for MSA.
  • Programs & Education – Specialized education and professional development experts on-site will help explore and construct new educational programs, such as industry-specific certifications, while keeping current MSA educational offerings on the cutting edge of content and practicality.
  • Marketing & Communications – From conference deadlines to webinar replays and more, Fernley’s marketing staff will help MSA communicate clearly and effectively all the vital information members want to know. Further, the additional communications staff will open up new possibilities for MSA to advocate for the museum store community.

The MSA Board of Directors and MSA Volunteer Leaders will work with the Fernley & Fernley management team to ensure that programs and services, communications, and planning for the 2017 MSA Retail Conference & Expo in Pittsburgh, Pa, continue until a permanent Executive Director is selected shortly. The MSA Executive Director will be dedicated to leading an expanded operations team and will manage day-to-day, back-office association operations and activities at MSA’s new headquarters in Philadelphia.

MSA is incredibly grateful and appreciative for the past service of its current Denver-based staff and their invaluable help with the upcoming transition period to MSA’s new headquarters. Please join us in thanking our Denver staff; Adriana Herald, Jennifer Anderson, and Ayrin Herald for their many years of service to MSA and assistance during this changeover.

Along with our expanded operational abilities, MSA will be releasing a new strategic plan for the Association. Please expect to receive MSA’s new Strategic Plan within the next week. The new management direction and strategic plan ensures that MSA’s work is focused on representing you, the MSA membership in determining and expecting appropriate performance for and from our Association into the future.

We thank you for your ongoing support and confidence as we continue to move the Museum Store Association forward.

The MSA Board of Directors

Stuart Hata/President or 415-750-3511

Julie Steiner/Vice-President or 215-278-7405

Ione Saroyan/2nd Vice-President or 212-485-9284

Alice McAuliffe/Treasurer or 410-547-9000 x208

Raymond McKenzie/Secretary or 415-581-3602

Susan Tudor/Director-at-Large or 904.899.6036

Chris Michel/Director-at-Large or 504-528-1944 ext. 239

David Graveen/Vendor Member Advisor or 860-610-0000

Paul Stewart-Stand/Vendor Member Advisor or 760-827-1408