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Building and Defining a Retail Culture

July 25, 2016 Culture is intangible. It’s hard to define, it’s difficult to understand, and yet it shapes behavior and structure of an organization. The word “culture” comes from the Latin word “colere” which means to tend to the earth and grow, or cultivate and nurture. Everyone belongs to multiple cultures. You have a work […]


Embracing the Ordinary

July 18, 2016 In a recent interview for a possible article for the Museum Store Magazine, I was asked about the importance of providing an excellent customer experience during the holiday season.  Yawn.  Was I about to write another blur of words regurgitated by almost every retail store about how they give “outstanding customer service” […]

David Duddy Event Photo 3

Invent An Event!

July 11, 2016 In these days of a million competing offers from stores and the web, it is vital to create some “buzz” around your business – and one enticing and direct way to do that is by crafting events that (1) target your customer, (2) dovetail with your institution’s vision, (3) “raise the profile” […]

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