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Nov 7, 2022

Let’s Have Fun

Brought to you by Museum Store Sunday Committee Members David Graveen and Susan DeLand

On Sunday, November 27, 2022, more than 1,900 Museum Stores representing all fifty states, 25, countries, and five continents will offer relaxing, inspired, and utterly unique shopping inside your favorite museums and cultural institutions…

Since Museum Store Sunday’s inception in 2017, David Graveen of Popcorn Studios has been part of the Museum Store Sunday launch. Popcorn has helped Craft Museum Store Sunday Marketing Kits and “Planned & Participated” in many successful Museum Store Sunday Events.

Susan DeLand has built and run museum stores since the 1980s and for the last ten years has worked with many of you as a consultant and partner to help you shine. Participating on the Museum Store Sunday committee offers a platform to share my passion and stir up yours. You are on the come-back side of several epically difficult years, and what better time to bring FUN back into our lives? Creating some very special events and happenings in your stores surrounding November 27 will not only be fun, but deeply meaningful to your institution, your staff, and your customers. Be the talk of the town!

Seize the Day!

When MSA claimed the Sunday between Black Friday & Cyber Monday as Museum Store Sunday, the Global Call to Action to Visitors was clear, “Shop with Purpose and Shop Conscientiously to Support Cultural Institutions around the World.” Like ALL good things, MSA’s signature Global Event evolves and grows only with change…So we’re going to take a little liberty and suggest we add FUN to the Museum Store Sunday Mission and throw a World-Wide Museum Store PARTY on November 27!

“We’re having a PARTY & You’re Invited!”

Don’t forget to mention your Curated Trunk Shows, Book Signings, Champagne & Treats, Free Memberships, Free Gift Wrap, Live Music, Exclusive Merchandise, and Giveaways complete with an astonishing cultural experience! There’s no single recipe for success, but during the past 5 years, we have learned that “Champagne & Shopping” on Museum Store Sunday = FUN & Profit.

Reach out to your vendors to join in the fun. Donating prizes and giveaways or special discounts on their wares is a really effective way to showcase their companies in your store. A pop-up in your store will intrigue your customers and spotlight their products. They may like to underwrite your invitations or advertising for a logo placement. Most businesses know the importance of having social impact in their communities. Supporting Museum Store Sunday is a powerful way to practice responsibility. Invite your vendors to partner with your efforts.

Museum Store Sunday “Buy In”

Museum Store Sunday Co-Chair Susan Tudor writes “Our museums open the door to a world of memories waiting to be made and our stores reward guests with a souvenir, the French word for memory, that extends their experience.” Susan’s “Champagne & Shopping event at the Cummer Museum is not only a members’ favorite, but it is eagerly anticipated by the Cummer Staff. Susan always takes great care to have her Museum “Buy-In” to her Museum Store Sunday Party. For November 27, the Cummer’s Board Members, Executive Director, MARKETING Team, Volunteer Docents, and Jacksonville’s influencers (think local news anchors & weathermen) have been invited to the museum store, to enjoy Susan’s Museum Store Sunday Mini Gala!

Follow Susan Tudor’s lead and fête your local press, community leaders, your own executives, and board. Tell them your story and show them the amazing and special contribution your store will be making to the holiday season and raising the FUN bar (as well as raising the FUNDS bar!!) Our cultural industry has some of the most creative minds in retail – let all those imaginative and inspiring ideas flow! Be disruptive! Be surprising! Be engaging! Stay on point with your strong and powerful message of supporting arts, history, science, gardens, performing arts, all manner of culture… Who else is doing that so effectively?!

The Museum Store Sunday Invitation

Help your marketing team with assets for the Membership Newsletter and for use on social media. Consider using a Museum Store Sunday Banner Name Drop or assets easily accessible in the Museum Store Sunday Toolkit: https://museumstoresunday.org/mss-downloads

The toolkit is full of great assists and links to help you with social media, ideas, and resources to make your marketing stand out. Talented MSA minds came together to provide you with the best tools.
Popcorn has engaged the renowned Julia Gash to create our own Museum Store Sunday art. This delightful cascade of products and experiences is printed on mugs, a tote bag, and a postcard. Popcorn will custom print the back of your postcard to send out to advertise your store’s events on Museum Store Sunday. If you are featuring a local artist, this is a great way to bring attention to their story and work. Your customers are intentional shoppers and will respond to shopping locally AND supporting local artists.

Popcorn’s award-winning designers will add Museum Store Sunday Banners to your Museum Façade for FREE. This FUN image will send a hard-to-miss invite to your members and the entire museum community! Simply send a recent hi-res image of your museum front and our graphic designers will do the rest. Deadline for artwork: November 3

The Museum Store Sunday Party!

For the past six years, Popcorn has helped one museum store partner create Exclusive Merchandise or craft a Special Event for Museum Store Sunday. This year our “Plan” was to help one museum throw a Party! The contest was open to all 1800 museum store participants and this year’s Winner was drawn live on Instagram: Friday, October 21, 2022. The Albany Pine Bush Preserve was randomly selected as the Winner and is our Partner Museum for Museum Store Sunday*

*Vendors Please “Adopt” a Museum—there’s still time!

Here’s how we’re helping with the Albany Pine Bush Party: $250 in Visa Gift Cards, 2 Cases of Sparkling Cider, 1 Case of Savory Treats, $500 Giveaway Swag including the latest Museum Nerd Wear for the Staff, Museum Store Sunday Marketing Kits and Banner Drop Invitations!

But these are just OUR ideas! Generate your own ideas – and your own BUZZ! You know your community best!

Join us and throw a Great Party in your Store on Museum Store Sunday! Let your community know where to Shop with Purpose, where to Shop Conscientiously & where to Party! Invite friends, family, the local weatherman, members and co-workers…show-off off your store and have fun!!!

We can’t wait to Party this November 27…so please send us an invite and take lots of photos!

David “Popcorn” Graveen has served on the MSA Board of Directors as a Vendor Advisor, he has championed LARGE group photos at Chapter Meetings and led educational sessions at the National Conference. He currently serves on the Museum Store Sunday Committee.

Susan DeLand has served on the MSA Board of Directors as Treasurer, on the Strategic Planning and Finance Committees, and led educational sessions at annual MSA Conferences. After working in museums for many years, she now offers consulting services and education to nonprofit cultural institutions and small businesses. She enthusiastically serves on the MSA Museum Store Sunday Committee.